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When we promise we won't sell anything to you that we wouldn't sell to our mothers, it's true.

Flooring for Hope as a division of CSCS, Inc., supplying the finest flooring materials on the market and funding a substantial portion of our charitable contributions.
As your local HYLA representative, we provide on-site demonstrations, client testimonials, and pricing information for the most innovative, state-of-the-art vacuum.
NanoSeptic continuously self-cleaning mats and skins can help you create and maintain a healthy, virus- and germ-free, self-cleaning environment.

We didn't start out to sell product or open a retail store.

As we grew our business, we had the privilege to learn about a wide variety of top-end, innovative cleaning products. Often, they were products that we found ourselves enthusiastically recommending to family and friends. Some were available only commercially, others have small distribution networks and limited retail exposure.

In that spirit, we pursued the opportunity to offer these very special products to the clients of our cleaning processes. These products have very obvious commercial and industrial applications, and most also have residential usability as well.

We offer financing through our trusted payment partners, and simple online checkout.

As a component of our COVID-19 cleaning service, CSCS, Inc. is your source for surface testing swabs and dependable, timely lab results.
CSCS, Inc. is a distributor UV cleaning cases, and recommends their use to sanitize your personal items, safely, conveniently, and thoroughly.