NanoSeptic Mats & Skins Provide Electrostatic Disinfection

For these industries:

Commercial Facilities

Hospitality and Travel



The New Clean™

Live Life Cleaner with The New Clean continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Dirty, high traffic public touchpoints like door handles, counters, bathroom openers become surfaces so clean you can see the difference.

With nanoSeptic, you will worry less about the health and safety of your employees and clients – at work, in school, in healthcare facilities, and while you travel.

How Does it Work?

NanoSeptic surfaces are powered by light, using molecularly bonded mineral nano-crystals to create a powerful oxidation reaction that disinfects without chemicals, heavy  metals, or poisons. The nanoSeptic systems work continually to oxidizes organic contaminants around the clock.

Contact us today to find out how nanoSeptic continuously self-cleaning mats and skins can help you create and maintain a healthy, virus- and germ-free, self-cleaning environment.