Mold Threatens Life and Property

Mold is actually everywhere around us, both outdoors and indoors. But in your home or workplace, mold spores can flourish in damp conditions and damage surfaces or seriously threaten health. Mold can affect breathing and cause physical symptoms that range from mild to life-endangering.

Mold – the kind that negatively impacts health – occurs in water-damaged structures, as well as in poorly ventilated bathrooms, wet basements, and in damp crawlspaces. It is important to treat the symptom by cleaning and removing all mold, and to:

  • Dry water-damaged surfaces and sub-structures
  • Identify and correct the source of water intrusion
  • Prevent any mold from returning

Certified Mold Remediation Specialists

CSCS’s experienced, licensed and certified mold remediation team will remove unwanted water/moisture and perform mold removal and remediation according to EPA and IICRC recommended guidelines.