The Gold Standard in Cleaning

We are often asked for product recommendations, and probably the most frequent is on vacuum cleaners for both home and light commercial use.

The HYLA vacuum cleaner does for your environment what a spring rain does for the outdoors. It accomplishes a clean that is fresh through the application of nature’s concept of cleaning air with water. And it does this inside your home, office, or business.

The HYLA EST employs a unique water-bath filtration system, using water as a filter instead of a paper or fiber-based filter. The water-bath filtration effectively traps dirt, dust, and allergens in the water that is inside the HYLA canister. The vacuum system forces contaminated and dirt particle-filled air through a unique water-bath system. The unique process separates your indoor air from the vacuum cleaner water so that only clean, fresh, water-washed air is returned to your environment.

As your local HYLA representative, we provide on-site demonstrations of superior HYLA products, client testimonials, and pricing information.

Superior air flow consistency and filtration efficiency

There is no comparison, and we have used every vacuum cleaner on the market. Conventional filters, micro filters, and electrically charged filters that are typical of other vacuums allow minute particles to pass through the filter and back into the air.

Conventional filters – no matter how sophisticated or expensive – become clogged with trapped particles and cause restricted airflow, and diminished performance of your vacuum.


The HYLA EST Separator Technology

The HYLA EST employs the  unique and globally patented Separator Technology. Imagine a geyser, with air and dust entering the HYLA System and encountering the upward stream of water created by the separator. This geyser effect assures optimized filtration to completely wash the air that is returned to your environment. HYLA stands for quality and performance.