Repairing and Replacing Flooring to Restore Your Environment

CSCS’ connection to the flooring products we proudly represent evolved in the same way that many of our other products recommendations did: through experience and practical application.

During many of our more demanding cleaning and remediation projects, flooring removal is unavoidable. For the convenience of our clients, CSCS provides expert flooring restoration, removal, and installation.

When replacement is required, we present a wide variety of easy-care, top quality flooring products through Shaw Floors. By offering many options in replacement flooring, we can eliminate the need and additional stress of our clients needing to shop for flooring – visiting showrooms, dealing with sales people and installers –  during a time when it is most important to efficiently return life and property to the state it was prior to needing the services of CSCS, Inc.

Flooring Products from the Prestigious Shaw Floors Brand

We are pleased to show the following flooring in our comfortable showroom, or to provide samples for your consideration on-site:

  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Tile and Stone
  • Floorigami